Family Care Pharmacy is always looking for ways to save you money. We are excited to introduce two new referral programs!

Pharmacy Referral Program

Our Pharmacy Referral Program is intended to be extremely easy for you to be rewarded for inviting your family and friends to use Family Care Pharmacy as their pharmacy to get the same great service you already enjoy.

It's simple. If a new customer comes in and gives us your name, you receive a $20 in-store credit. If you refer 10 customers per week, you get $200 store credit per week. It's that simple.

  • Specific rules are below.
  • 1. In order to receive $20 store credit you must be a current FCP customer. Your store credit will be tracked in our point of sale system by your name.
  • 2, The person you refer MUST fill at least one prescription at FCP.
  • 3. The $20 credit can be used on anything in the store, including compounded pharmaceutical products.
  • 4. The $20 credit even applies to Ideal Protein foods if the customer is an Ideal Protein client.
  • 5. The only thing $20 of store credit CANNOT be used for is insurance co-pays. This is a legal technicality we can't get around.

Ideal Protein Referral Program

Our Ideal Protein Referral Program is only open to current Ideal Protein clients but is even easier for you to be rewarded for inviting your family and friends to take advantage of the weight-loss, health-gain benefits current Ideal Protein clients enjoy.

It's simple. Bring a friend or family member to either an Educational Seminar or a personal consultation. If your friend or family member decides to join the FCP Ideal Protein program you walk out with a box of Ideal Protein food of your choice.That is a $30 value just for introducing your friend or family member to the health benefits that the Ideal Protein lifestyle provides.